Best Chrome Extensions to Avoid Distractions and Boost Productivity

A major chunk of the internet is a huge distraction. One moment you are vigorously working on your college assignment, and the next you are binge-watching slime videos. To say nothing of the notifications from social networks, and several other distractions that keep you away from what you really must be doing and consequently it takes a toll on productivity.

Now, to help you fight the battle, there are several extensions available. With the help of these tools, you can stay more focused and less distracted. So without further ado, let’s go through the different Google Chrome extensions to bust distractions and bolster productivity.

  1. OneTab

Instead of getting stuck under the debris of all the open tabs, often in a couple of different windows, just get this extension. Whenever you get overwhelmed with a lot of tabs, just hit the OneTab icon and transform all of them in a list form. If you wish to access the listed tabs, just restore them.

This extension helps you save up to ninety-five percent memory as the number of open tabs will decrease. Avoid the clutter and boost your productivity with OneTab.

  1. StayFocused

StayFocused allows you to set time limits for the websites you spend a lot of time on. This extension is not rigid and provides a little leeway. Rather than merely blocking the websites straight away, it gives users a couple of minutes to wrap up. Users can tweak the settings and remove any website from the blocked list. All-in-all, this extension is pretty handy in keeping you from wasting too much time on your frequently visited sites.

  1. Just Read

Just Read is a chrome extension which can be customized. Just get this extension and tap on its icon located at the upper right-hand side of the tab to eliminate the page’s advertisements, formatting, comments, and other unwanted elements to improve your reading experience. This extension helps you enjoy a distraction-free reading experience by removing the styling, pop-ups, and other stuff. The blog/article will be presented in a custom simplified format.

Moreover, you can select your theme, customize the styling, and tweak so much more settings.

  1. Minimal New Tab Clock

While the new tab page of the Chrome is somewhat minimalistic and very simple, to avoid getting distracted, use Minimal New Tab Clock. If you simply want to see the time when you open a fresh tab, then this extension is made for you. In the as minimalistic as possible tab screen, you will simply see the time, date, and day. The analog clock is displayed in the center, and the default dark background is quite minimalistic and soothing. You can customize the background, change the clock(analog or digital), reset the color, enable dark mode, etc.

  1. Todoist

With Todoist you can be more productive and less stressed about the pending tasks. Over ten million individuals across the globe are using this extension to boost their productivity. It helps you in creating daily to-do lists in a simplistic and minimalistic UI which allows users to insert items and mark them done when completed quickly.

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