October 31, 2018

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Microsoft’s latest productivity suite –Office 2019–is very successful. It is not only improved but also spectacular in every sense. This recent Office version comes with an updated Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, Project, etc. The desktop apps of Microsoft Office 2019 have replaced Office 2016 desktop apps in Office 365. Setting up Office 2019 is quite similar to the older versions such as Office 2013 and Office 2010. To redeem the newly purchased Office 2019 product, visit office.com/setup.

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Major Microsoft Office 2019 Apps

  • Microsoft Word 2019

While the basic layout of Word is unchanged, several additions and improvements have been made. It comes with a dark theme and improved ink functions.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

Since PowerPoint is the best presentation making app across the world, several updates have been added. Users can now easily make cinematic presentations.

  • Microsoft Excel 2019

Excel is popularly used for analyzing data. The 2019 version of this spreadsheet program comes with added formulas, new charts, and two-dimensional maps.

  • Microsoft Outlook 2019

Microsoft Outlook comes with several new functions. The contact cards have been upgraded, the inbox is more focused and easier to manage, and it comes with travel package cards.

System Requirements for Windows

Microsoft Office 2019 will work solely on devices running Windows 10

  • All supported Windows 10 Semi-Annual Channels
  • Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC
  • Later releases of Windows Server’s Long-Term Servicing Channel.

System Requirements for Mac

MS Office 2019 is supported on the most recent releases macOS versions.

  • MacOS 10.14
  • MacOS 10.13
  • MacOS 10.12
  • Later releases of macOS.

Downloading Microsoft Office 2019 Setup in Windows

  1. In the web browser, visit office.com/setup.
  2. See whether you are logged in. If not, then input the username and password in the corresponding boxed and hit Sign in.
  3. After logging on, you need to head to the home page.
  4. Choose Install Office from the screen.
  5. Click on the Install button.
  6. By default, the 64-bit version will get downloaded.
  7. To switch it to the 32-bit version, click on Other options.
  8. In the Other options screen, select the installation language.
  9. Now, just hit the Install button.
  10. Allow the setup file for Office 2019 to download completely.

Installing Office 2019 in Windows

  1. When the setup files get downloaded, check your browser and do the following:
  • Hit Run in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.
  • Hit Setup in Google Chrome.
  • Hit Save File in Mozilla Firefox.
  1. When the UAC window comes up, click on the Yes button.
  2. The installation of MS Office 2019 shall begin now.
  3. When the installation gets over, you will get notified.
  4. After viewing the brief animation show, click on Close.

Activating Office 2019 in Windows

  1. If you open any Office 2019 application that has not been activated, then you shall be asked to log in to Office.
  2. In the Sign in to set up Office 2019 screen, click on the blue Sign in button.
  3. Input the login credentials of the Microsoft account used to purchase Office 2019.
  4. In the activation wizard, just follow the instructions.
  5. Enter the 25 characters alphanumeric product key.
  6. Click on the Green Activate Now button.

Downloading Office 2019 Setup on Mac

  1. Visit www.office.com/setup.
  2. Check whether you are logged in.
  3. If not, then enter the password and username for the Microsoft account used when you purchased Office 2019.
  4. Go to the home page.
  5. Click on Install Office.
  6. Click on the Install option.
  7. Allow the setup file of Office 2019 to download on the Mac.

Installing Office 2019 on Mac

  1. When the download is over, go to Finder.
  2. Open downloads and locate the Office 2019 setup file.
  3. Double-click on the .pkg file.
  4. Hit the Continue button.
  5. Click on Continue again.
  6. Press the Agree button.
  7. Select the suitable option and press Continue.
  8. Check the disk space needs.
  9. Hit the Install button.
  10. Click on Customize to install specific programs.
  11. Key in the password when prompted.
  12. Click on the blue Install Software option.
  13. Allow the program to get installed.
  14. Click on close.

Activating Microsoft Office 2019 in Mac

  1. Open the Launchpad from the Dock to view all the apps.
  2. Select any Office 2010 application and open it.
  3. Click on Get Started.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. Input the 25 characters alphanumeric product key when asked.
  6. Click on the Activate button.

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